The Premise

It's 2220. The future is just as stupid as today, but with space travel. Our two-co-captains serve on the barely spaceworthy ship Zib, a surveyor vessel that locates valuable materials for mining and claims them for Earth. Our not-so-intrepid crewmembers find themselves in ridiculous situations and often have no idea WTF they're doing, even when they think they do. We never said they were heroes.


Episode 0 — Series Primer

Show creators Charlynn Schmiedt and Phillip Gilfus preview The Zib's Misadventures in Spaaaace, an audio drama where the future is just as stupid as the present, but with space travel. In this series primer, they discuss the show's creation, what things are like in the show's universe, and how they're feeling as they're about to launch a show they've been working on for nearly two years.

Episode 1 — "Is There A Doctor in tha House?"

When Co-Captain Stuart passes out under mysterious circumstances, it's up to Co-Captain Maria Glynn to save the day. How will she manage without a doctor aboard the Zib?

Episode 2 — "Double, Double, Co-Captain Trouble"

The Co-Captains find themselves in hot water when a secret diplomatic mission goes awry, putting Earth at risk of war.

Episode 3 — "A Marathon of Mystery"

While conducting annual crew evaluations, Co-Captain Glynn uncovers a mystery in Engine Control. Stuart spends his leave watching a marathon of his favorite TV show.

Episode 4 — "Burying the Irradiated Hatchet"

Glynn and Stuart survey a mineral-rich asteroid they hope will get them in ARSE's good graces. Chief Engineer Bailey takes command while the co-captains are away. What could go wrong?

Episode 5 — "Relieved"

SUS Goodman relieves Co-Captains Glynn and Stuart from command of the Zib, and the ship is reassigned to the scrap heap. What now?

The Cast

Lauren Izzo

Co-Captain Maria Glynn

Justin Wilson

Co-Captain Stuart

Chris Otto

Chief Engineer Tito Bailey

Peter Gardner

SUS Goodman

Scott Clevenger

Custodian First Class Clive

Ashley Victoria Robinson

Doe-Kent Caterer, Doe-Kent Supply Manager, Doe-Kent Merchant

Jennie Zell

Quala and Qualae

Norman Lao

SUS #1

John Champion

SUS #2

Earl Green

Computer voice, Glynn's Log Book

Tristan Riddell


Sarah Riddell


Anna Tozzi-Barbay

Gabriella Glynn

Kris Roley

Sergio Glynn

Vanessa Pazmiño